History of the Restaurant Can Fusté

Restaurante Can Fuste Barcelona

The Restaurant €œCan Fust逝 was born in June of 1973 with a very clear idea: quality materials. We introduce the famous “Toasted bread with tomato”€ as a part of the catalan idiosyncrasy and we accompany it with an excellent iberian ham; prevailing fish and beach seafood ; and a select meat with a very special flavour: the one that gives the griddle.

A generational change in the 90’s leads us to make some gradual changes: aesthetics, service, staging and primarily the kitchen.

Our mouth is filled with the word «product», whose meaning is as simple as the own word: raw material of the highest quality, respecting the seasons and what nature, both land and sea, offer to us spontaneously in the moment that it belongs.

It is also true that we are used to hearing the cataloguing of «market cuisine» without thinking about the fact that nowadays almost the whole year all class of products can be found in the market, even though they are not in their time of birth.

We put on the table what has spouted in specific months, what has been fished the previous night or evening, what we have cooked with our hands… In short: real product.

Finding the balance between what we offer with so much love and its origin is our daily pursuit. We treat every dish with a lot of respect, the same respect that we feel towards our customers, the same care with which we claim that you feel at home…